Preparing for a Dungeon

Preparation for the Dungeon delve is very important. Having the necessary gear, weapons, and assorted items is key to succeeding in your venture.


Climbing Gear: Help navigate various obstacles in the dungeon, from walls to pits.

Food: Take more than you think is necessary, you never know how long it will take to make it through the areas.

Light: Since most dungeons are underground there is no light readily available.

Camping Gear: Even if the dungeon is in good worked condition it isn’t always hospitable. Bedrolls and blankets make the night more comfortable. If you can transport it Firewood makes a welcome addition. If there isn’t a a secure room there are spells the can provide safety and security.

Thieve’s Tools: Given locks and traps in a dungeon, these are a very important item for every group of adventurers. Make them Masterwork if you can. (Note: Open Lock and Disable Device most be trained. IE you must have spent points to acquire ranks in them)

Potions: You can’t have too many potions while exploring a dungeon. You may not have any more spells with which to heal. “Buffing” potions also can help with combat and take some pressure of the spellcasters.

Packing Tips
Make sure you consider the following factors when prepping for your dungeon crawl

Weight: You do have an encumbrance limit and you don’t want to be anywhere near it the majority of the time. You shouldn’t carry more gear than would put you into the next load category than the one your armor does. Loot can push you over or even be more than you can carry. If you need more than you can carry think about getting a bag of holding or other such things. Also lackeys or pack animals can help out in this area.

Volume: Large items can be useful but also dangerous and inconvenient. They can be a good idea till you must squeeze through someplace.

Necessity: To decide if a large or heavy item is truly necessary, ask yourself two questions. First, how likely are you to need the item? Second, if the item turns out to be needed, how likely are you to die from not having it? An object that will be needed infrequently but whose absence could kill you should take priority over an item that might be used more often but is not crucial to your survival. Remember, your first priority is to come back alive.

Efficiency: Is the item the most space-efficient way to handle the anticipated problem? Often, a smaller, more elegant item is available, though its price might be higher.

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(Sources: Dungeonscapes; DMG; PH)

Preparing for a Dungeon

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